Our Social Mission:  Supporting 4,000+ local public school children.

Grand Bazaar NYC is the largest curated weekly market in NYC, located on the Upper West Side. 

Every Sunday, all year-round, indoors & outdoors, local artist, designers, and antique/vintage dealers sell one-of-a-kind and limited edition art, antique watches, vintage collectibles and fashion, handmade jewelry and furniture. Delicious artisianal edibles will unsure that you will never leave hungry.

Shopping never felt this good. 
While you nab up that one-of-a-kind find and delicious eats, you will be supporting 4,000+ school children as we donate 100% of our profits to four local public schools. You'll also be keeping NYC creative and authentic by supporting local artisans, micro-businesses, and entrepreneurs!

Special Events

In addition to our weekly Sunday market we also organize special themed events. Everything form "Sweethearts Bazaar" to "Ice Cream Blizzards", "NYC Vintage Classics" to "NYC Artisan Bazaar", and "International Food Bazaar" to "Scary Bazaar". Check out all of 2018 exciting special events

Our Grand Social Mission

Grand Bazaar NYC donates 100% of its profits to four neighborhood public schools, benefiting over 4,000 children, while building and supporting a vibrant community of talented artists, designers, artisans, and entrepreneurs.  Read more >

Discover + Shop + Eat  &  Be Social!

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